Make Time for Malvern

Nestled among the rolling hills of Worcestershire, Malvern is a picturesque town in a beautiful area of England attracting nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you come here to enjoy climbing, hiking or walking, experiencing ‘The Malverns’ is sure to be a vacation to remember.

The Malvern Hills – or simply ‘The Malverns’ – are a twelve kilometer range of ancient rocks dividing the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, offering some of England’s most dramatic views. Crisscrossed with more than 120 kilometers of footpaths, the Hills are ideal for walking and taking in breathtaking views of the hillsides and lush valleys. At 1,395 feet high, Worcestershire Beacon is the highest point in The Malverns and on a clear day the majestic views from the top won’t disappoint.beauchamp_community_alms_houses_1864_newland

Another popular draw of the ‘Malverns’ are the refreshing waters of the many springs and fountains spouting from various points in the Hills, the two most popular being Holy Well and St Anne’s Well. Both are hidden in remote areas of the valleys so they’re a bit hard to find, but searching for them is half the fun and there are a number of places to stop along the way such as the lovely St Ann’s Café, set in an early 19th-century building. There are plenty of other springs to explore as well, with the Beauchamp Spout in Cowleigh road and the Malvhina fountain at Belle Vue Island being two of the most noteworthy.

Perhaps due to the lifestyle in Malvern, the town’s social and shopping scene is laid back and in many ways, more cultural than most holiday destinations. Music and theater are a big part of Malvern’s culture and the Malvern Theatres Complex overlooking Priory Park is becoming one of Britain’s most popular provincial cultural centers. Exploring the area you will find antique dealers, handcrafted furniture, original fashion creations, a wide variety of art and crafts as well as an impressive number of museums and festivals held throughout the year.