Why We Love Warwick

Taking a trip to Warwick is a great way to discover more of ths enchanting part of England and there is plenty to see and do in Warwick. Located to the southeast of Birmingham in the center of the county of the same name, Warwick is known for its splendid history and boasts one of the country’s finest castles. The town also has some notable attractions and there is an abundance of spectacular green areas throughout Warwick.

Warwick Castle dominates the town and is one of the grandest of all Britain’s castles. Work began in the 10th century and the castle has been well-preserved, featuring impressive fortifications, State Rooms and beautiful gardens. Waxwork figures and a large assortment of armors add even more authenticity and the various torture chambers and dungeons provide an insight into the more sinister workings of the edifice.download-51

As magnificent as Warwick Castle is, however, it doesn’t take all the limelight. The town itself is delightful and is full of timber buildings in the Tudor style, while a collection of ancient churches and brilliant museums provide alternatives. Chief among the town’s most characteristic structures is the Lord Leycester Hospital, while the Warwickshire Museum and Oken’s House and Doll Museum have fine displays.

There are several parks in Warwick and the excellent St Nicholas Park in the town center has some amazing facilities for the whole family, including amusement rides, a children’s train, crazy golf, a large outdoor paddling pool and boat hire. In addition, the Grand Union Canal passes through Warwick and gives visitors the chance to see the town from the water.

Although Warwick’s nightly entertainment isn’t perhaps as enthralling as that of nearby Coventry or Birmingham, it does have some truly atmospheric traditional pubs and a number of more modern bars. There are also a few decent restaurants here, although Birmingham excels in this department.