World-Famous Car Manufacturers from England

Britain was one of the pioneers of the automotive industry. 1885 was the year London-based consulting engineer Frederick Simms acquired the patent rights of Gottlieb Daimler’s petrol engine to kickstart the automobile industry in Britain. The famous Daimler motor syndicate was formed in 1893. However, with law changes the movement of motor vehicles on public pathways was banned. The new locomotives on highway act in 1936 removed the restrictions and paved the way for manufacture in Britain. This was the beginning of the era that was coming. Soon Britain became a world player in car manufacture and sale.

shutterstock_221668924A new startup and slump era

There was a splurge in the manufacture of cars in Britain in early 1900. Most of the bicycle industry players forayed into the field. As many as 200 new producers appeared in 1910. But by 1913 more than 100 closed due to financial reasons. the number of cars manufactured in Britain in 1913 was around 14000 units. Sensing opportunity Henry Ford the pioneer of the automotive industry in the USA opened a new manufacturing plant in Earnley UK. Ford motor company alone produced more than half the cars manufactured in the following year. A slump resulted in only 58 companies surviving.

The rise of the British brands

Following the stabilisation in the Automotive industry, new brands came up and stayed for long. Prominent among them were Morris, Austin and Singer. Soon two visionaries combined to establish the most famous British brand the Rolls Royce. It was the first joint venture in the industry with Charles Rolls and |Henry Royce joining hands together to make a brand that would become legendary. The British Motor company which was founded originally by Frederick Simms joined hands with Jaguar the french company to form the British Kotor Holdings. Soon new brands like Chrysler came into being, but the British brands never faded away.